Everything you need to know about Webinars!


Webinars are a great way to engage with your audience when face-to-face events aren’t on the agenda, for whatever reason!


But don’t let the digital nature of webinars lure you into a fall sense of security.


Because there lays BAD WEBINARS!

And bad webinars will only turn your audience off and damage your brand reputation.


No, to run a GREAT WEBINAR, you’ll need to get your house in order and do some proper planning.

Luckily, we’ve got some great tips, best practices and advice to help you pull off a GREAT WEBINAR.


First tip?

Get your Webinar Basics right. For the full lowdown on how to master the webinar basics, check out this article.

It’s even got a handy Webinar Planner you can download for free!


Second tip?


Learn from the companies doing webinars well.

And also the ones making a hash of them! 😱 😱


July 2020, I did a ’30 Day Webinar Challenge’ covering 42 webinars over the course of a month!

I then named the best ones. And shamed the bad ones too.


You can read all about it over here in 🏆 The Webinar Oscars. 🏆


Third tip?


Know your webinar tools🛠️ 🛠️

Choose the right software to deliver your webinar. And then add some bells and whistles to deliver a GREAT WEBINAR.


For more on the best tools out there, read this article.


It even has goats! 🐐 🐐


Fourth tip?


Plan, plan, plan.


Ace your build-up, keep your audience engaged from start to finish, and pull off an amazing follow-up too.


Now That’s What I Call a Webinar takes you through this step-by-step.

Fifth and final tip?


Quality over quantity.

Do fewer webinars and do them well.

Spend time on each of them like it were a real, in-person event.

And treat your audience like they were your bestest friends!


If you’d like help planning your next webinar, then drop me a note here.

I’ll tell you where you’re going wrong and how to improve for next time. And I promise to do so in a non-brutal way! 😉


Happy Webinar Planning!