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Create your next marketing plan in minutes!

immerj is an easy-to-use, interactive marketing planning tool designed exclusively for B2B freelancers and ‘solopreneurs’. Get started now and create your next marketing plan in minutes!

‘It really simplifies the whole planning process’



Why immerj?

No more blank pieces of paper

You’ve got to come up with a marketing plan, but where do you start? Don’t fret! immerj provides you with real-time recommendations so you don’t have to start from scratch.

No more wasted marketing budget

Your money needs to go on tactics that work, not costly strategies that take months to create. immerj gives you that strategy in next to no time, so you can get on with executing and winning new customers.

No more frantic searching

There’s so much marketing stuff out there, but where do you start and what do you choose? With immerj, you get everything you need to get started in the one place, all carefully curated and built with your goals in mind.

A marketing tool to help you get started – try it now, for free!

‘The recommended planning feature
saves me hours of head scratching’



How immerj works

You’ve got your monthly marketing targets…



Use immerj to help build up your existing plan

…but do you have a plan in place to meet them?


Not a problem!

immerj takes your objectives and budget and builds your plan

Refine your plan with the immerj drag and drop interface and additional content and tips

Try immerj for free now!

See for yourself. How will immerj help you with your next marketing strategy?

Need more help? Just get in touch. The immerj team can help you with the trickier parts of your marketing planning process.