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immerj is an interactive marketing planning tool designed exclusively for B2B Start-ups. Get started now and see how it can make your start-up marketing a whole lot easier!

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Why immerj?

No more starting from scratch

You’ve got to come up with a marketing plan, but where do you start? Don’t fret! Built by marketers, for marketers, immerj provides you with a visual drag-and-drop tool, customer journey planner and real-time recommendations. All in a fully customizable and downloadable format.

No more cobbled together spreadsheets

Sick of squeezing a marketing plan out of a spreadsheet? Well look no further. With immerj you get access to pre-built marketing templates and interactive tools that mean you can leave the spreadsheets for the data, rather than the planning.

No more frantic searching

There’s so much 3rd party marketing stuff out there, but where do you start and what do you actually read? With immerj, you’ll never have to trawl the web again. Our Content Hub is carefully curated and grouped by topic, making it easier for you to cut through the noise and find what you’re actually looking for.

Users of immerj have downloaded our templates over 600 times!

It’s a marketing tool to help you get started – try it now, for free!

‘immerj is an easy-to-use product that helps ensure the success of your brand.’


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‘It really simplifies the whole planning process.’


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‘The recommended planning feature saves me hours of head scratching.’


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How immerj works

But where do you start?

Customize your customer journey from the roadmap provided

Customize the rest of your plan to suit your business needs

Review the recommendations, accept, change or delete them

Select ‘Get a recommendation’ in the Planning Tool

I have no idea!

Check out the Content Hub for content ideas, or the Resource Hub for other marketing tools and templates

Drag and drop the activities and content types you want to do

You’ve got to come up with a marketing plan…

I’ve got a rough idea, I just need to map out the plan

Select ‘Start from
scratch’ in the
Planning Tool

Frequently asked questions

As a start-up, we’ve got a million and one other things to be doing, why should I sign up for immerj?

One of the reasons that start-ups fail is that they try to do too many things all at once. This is particularly true of marketing. immerj gives you instant recommendations that help you focus on the things that will actually make a difference to your business and customers. It will even help you reduce the million and one things you’re currently doing!

I’ve done bits and pieces of marketing but I have no idea if I’m doing the right things. Help!

Worry no more, we can help! With real-time recommendations and focused resources, immerj will ensure you are doing the right things – both in terms of activities and content.

What if I’ve already got a marketing plan, I just need it checked over?

Just book a free 30 min call with us. We can review your plan and put your mind at ease!

Is immerj just like Trello but for marketing?

The immerj Planning Tool is built on a similar drag-and-drop interface, but it’s highly customized for marketing and already set up to go, so you don’t have to start from scratch or build your own steps and processes.

We’re already using HubSpot for our marketing, why should we use immerj?

Tools like HubSpot are great for when you’ve already selected your activities (e.g. email) and have a heap of content ready to go. But what if email isn’t right for your business or customers, how do you know what content to actually create in the first place? That’s where immerj comes in – as part of the upfront planning process to help you focus on the right things to execute against.

What if immerj doesn’t go far enough and I need something more bespoke?

Just book a free 30 min call with us. We can assess your needs and provide more tailored marketing assistance.

Try immerj for free now!

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No credit card required. But you will need desktop access!