What sort of images are conjured up when you think of remote freelancers?

Joyful, fairy-like creatures, prancing around the picturesque flower fields of the Netherlands while clutching their beloved laptops to their bodies jealously?

Then they might catch a flight to Naples, sit on a bench in the Molosiglio Gardens and admire Mount Vesuvius in all its splendour whilst adding the finishing touches to their marketing campaign.

It may seem shocking to normal folk, but freelancers don’t often jump from one city to another in a matter of days – they’re not fully-nomadic creatures. Plus, it’s exhausting! Freelancers appreciate a familiar home too, so the solution is to have a small change of venue every now and again (just because they can).

When they’ve prowled all the streets, drunk all the coffee, and searched every nook and cranny of their own nation, some even tend to take a tentative step over the border.

Unfortunately, this is where the ideal image of a care-free, self-employed worker living life in continuous exploration ends.

Each country has its own offices, laws, and language. Which means that every time freelancers jump ship, they have to learn to swim all over again. Luckily enough, communication is a human’s favourite tool.


So, here’s to me, a freelancer using her freelance writing to teach other freelancers how to freelance abroad.


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By Awa Thiam

[Main photo by Martin Krchnacek on Unsplash]