Have you heard about Fractional CMOs?

Take advantage of the rising trend in fractional work. Get all the expertise and experience of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, but at a fraction of the cost.

Startup or Small Business?

Growing businesses like yours need to be smart with their cash flow. You also need to be focused on marketing activities that will cut through the noise. But instead of hiring for a costly, full-time CMO with all the overheads, how about contracting a Fractional CMO to make your budget work harder?

Where a Fractional CMO can help…

Not getting enough leads?

A Fractional CMO can help refocus your demand and lead gen strategy to ensure you’re getting the right quantity and quality of leads.

Customers not renewing?

We can help put in place the programs you need to delight and retain your existing customers.

Brand not getting enough reach?

Let’s revisit your business strategy to work out what’s missing and where we can make a real difference to your brand awareness campaigns.

A Fractional CMO is typically experienced in all of the above – and more!

And we know how to diagnose your marketing issues and fix them, fast. It’s why so many startups and small businesses are catching onto this trend.

We’ve worked with Emma for a year and a half, and we’re a much better company because of it.  She brings a level of sophistication, organization, and experience to everything she helps us with. Our business has grown tremendously since we started working with Emma in large part to how well she has kept our marketing message clear and on target.  We highly recommend working with her.


Founder & CEO, DCX

Here’s how we’re different to a Consultant (more on this over here):


👬 We’re embedded in your team – we stick to your meeting times and play a committed, active role in your business

🔄 We’re long term – we don’t come in to do a one-off project, we’re a core part of your leadership team, in it for the long term

🙌 We mentor and manage – Fractional CMO’s are perfect if you already have a more junior team or marketing team member in place

If you need help with…

Launching your business and getting your marketing up and running fast.


  • A killer positioning statement
  • Refined value propositions
  • Core sales and marketing collateral
  • Standout website messaging

Building real brand awareness and generating the right leads for your business.


  • Focused GTM plans
  • Audience targeting, segmentation and campaigns
  • A practical content strategy and schedules

Getting the right structure, plans & processes in place to scale your business.


  • Tailored campaign plans and martech stacks
  • Sophisticated comms strategies and customer programs
  • Scalable growth channels