The immerj Start-up Marketing Course

Like a marketing degree.

But with real-world deliverables.

Oh, and faster results too.

A marketing course with a difference

Designed for start-up founders with ‘a marketing hat’ or junior to mid-level start-up marketers, this course gives you the tools and resources you need to lay a solid marketing foundation for your business, and then get results, fast. 

With the immerj Start-up Marketing Course, you’ll get:


Start-up Marketing can be overwhelming – where do you start and how do you get going? The immerj Marketing Course gives you a clear path to follow, as well as a heap of practical tools and templates to help you focus and get stuff done.


The team are here to help along the way in case you get stuck or want to ask what you think is a stupid question (it’s not though!). And if you need more tailored support, just drop us a line.


Before you’ve even finished the course, you’ll already have the techniques you need to be a more successful start-up marketer. Not just to help you hit your growth targets, but also to help you build a brand, and develop your own career.

‘This course is an invaluable framework for approaching marketing if you’re an early stage B2B company figuring out how to grow.’



How it works

Each topic is covered via a variety of formats, laid out like this:

🎞️   Video
📰   Article
📖   Guide
📝   Template
🛠️   Tool

👉 Practical and actionable deliverables you can use in your day-to-day job.

👉 Build a full-blown marketing strategy.

👉 100% delivered via email, straight to your inbox.

👉 Fit it in around your schedule and complete the tasks at your own pace.

What’s included

5 in-depth topics are covered in all, with each one building on the last.

1. Understanding Your Customer Better

Learn how to build a better understanding of your customer with a framework that will ultimately help you market and sell better too.

2. Successful Customer Journey Mapping

This is a highly sought-after skill you should develop so you can make that leap between customers and campaigns, and design customer experiences that convert.

3. How to Build a Winning Marketing Plan

Banish the spreadsheets! Learn how to build a multi-channel marketing plan quickly and easily. One that will not only acquire you customers, but will give you a repeatable model to last you your entire career.

4. Getting to Grips with Content

A firm favorite! Raise the bar on your content marketing with actionable tools, tips and tricks. Or if you’re just getting started with content, get an easy and effective way to build a content strategy and plan.

5. The Numbers Game

We’ve left it till last but you knew it was coming! Learn how to build out funnel models in a fun and simple way. And get access to a framework that will help you track your results so you know what’s worked and what hasn’t. 

‘This course will help you get your marketing skills up to scratch. The interactive tools are the cherry on top!’ 



Online Course


Full Online Course - 5 In-Depth Topics


What you get with the course:

  • In-depth content on 5 crucial marketing topics.
  • Learn how to get started with your start-up marketing.
  • 100’s of hours of content distilled into focused videos and articles.
  • Interactive templates and tools so you can create on the go.
  • Free 2 month subscription to immerj PRO.

‘Unlike a lot of other courses, this one is super actionable so I can implement my learnings immediately. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an actionable, DIY start-up marketing course.’



Got any questions about the course content or how it works?

Then just drop me a line and I’ll get back to you with more info.