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‘The immerj planning tool is SUPER simple to use and provides very targeted resources to help you implement your strategies.’



It’s a framework we use with all our clients…

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Ready to go & fully customizable too

Fully customizable framework

This content planner leverages a framework we use with all of our clients here at immerj. It’s structured by customer journey stage and provides a simple framework to help you get started. It’s fully customizable too so you can tailor it your customer and business needs.

Helpful tips, hints & resources

Each tile in the immerj content planner contains helpful tips on how to create and promote your content. Each one also links off to other 3rd party tools so you can get started with creating your content straight away. And you can even store your content in the planner so you have everything in the one place!

More great resources!

There’s a bunch of other tools and resources stored in the immerj content planner, and at no extra cost too. From persona development templates, to customer journey maps, there’s everything you’ll ever need to create an amazing content plan with all the bells and whistles!

‘immerj is an easy-to-use tool that helps ensure the success of your brand.’


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‘It really simplifies the whole planning process.’


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‘The interactive planning capability saves me hours of head scratching.’


Business Marketing Consultant, Adobe

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It even comes with a bunch of other resources too.

All for just $45!