What makes you MAD 

about content?

We’re bombarded with content day-in, day-out.

Blog articles, social posts, promo videos… you name it.

But what really gets us mad about content?

And as ‘creators of content’ do we reflect what we like as ‘consumers of content’?

We carried out a survey to find out once and for all. The results are in and you can now read the full (and ungated) report!

“I can’t stand content that promises much and delivers little. Typically this involves a ‘bait and switch’ with a strong headline or subject line followed by content that doesn’t do what it says on the tin.”

Gifford Morley-Fletcher, Global Account Director, MarketOne International

Our survey set out to reveal three key things:

  • To investigate if what we like as consumers of content matches with what we put out as creators of content.
  • To understand some of the behaviours involved in how people consume content – do we read articles in full, do we remember what we’ve read or seen, do we always engage with content we like?
  • To demonstrate the range of preferences involved in the consumption – and creation – of content and to identify if any patterns actually exist across this range or if, as complex and varied human beings, we are indeed ‘all different’.

The results are fascinating! And reveal a huge amount about what we like, and dislike, about content in 2021.

If you’re looking for insights to fuel your next content marketing project, then grab a copy of the (ungated) report now!

“It’s becoming more challenging for marketers to produce content that stands out. I believe this competition for attention is our next big challenge in marketing and ultimately this will lead to us seeing a decrease in the amount of content being produced, with a greater focus on quality and interactivity to provide buyers with the best possible brand experience.”

Karla Rivershaw, Head of Marketing, Turtl

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